snow on thistle

What am I looking forward to most today? Snuggling in on the couch with a hot tea and snowfall next to me, daydreaming with God of all the potential this year holds. I said that wrong…daydreaming with God of all the potential knit within me, and the many ways I could find joy putting it to use this year. Then I’m going to meditate on the strengths within my children and how they might find the same. And everything I’m envisioning holds a slowed pace with love and attention to the small moments. Then I’ll feel God chuckle when I make it known I’ll be anticipating a big end-of-the-year surprise when each small act comes together like Seurat’s dots.

Did you know that 10 minutes of meditation or prayer each day brings positive effects not only to the mind and spirit, but also to the body?

Want in on a life-giving secret? I’ve recently learned the value of taking the Sabbath seriously. In a crazy-fast, heavy-burdened world, it’s a one-day detox for mind, body, and soul. If you don’t make space for your mind and body to regularly rest, body and mind will find it physically impossible to slow down, because it’s so used to running on adrenaline. You. Must. Rest.

Let me lay it right out. Carving out a space for Sabbath will:

1. Create ritual and rhythm in your life
2. Bring peace and harmony to your home
3. Fill you back up
4. Provide you greater efficiency and productivity
5. Allow the clutter to filter out of your mind, allowing God a more prominent place to be known
6. Let the counterfeit layers fall away, empowering your original God-made self.

Overwhelmed? Baby steps, momma. Start small. Slow your pace. Be fully present in the small moments. Carve out pockets of time just for you, and let your mind practice slowing down.

And now with God's help,

One more secret? I’m carrying a surprise in my back pocket. Get a sneak peak here:
and if you’re so inspired, buy the book. It came highly recommended by my pastor. Now I recommend it highly as well. I’d lend you mine, but a friend in need beat you to it. If you drive a lot, the audio version is great, too. Time management is not the key. Energy-management is.

Give yourself the essential gift of Sabbath rest, momma. One baby step at a time.

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Download the above printable here: not burdensome

Espresso Shot

Download the above printable here: become myself