The first two books I’m tickled to share with you have best-seller lists and big screen plans between the both of them.  In my rotation of probably 100 books this year (exaggerating), these are the only two that have captured me until the last page.  True winners!

Redeeming Love is no cheesy romance. In fact, it’s so good, a movie is in the works. This historical fiction based on the Biblical story of Hosea, whom God told to marry the prostitute, Gomer.  Don’t worry.  Her name is different in the book, and so is the setting. This may be hands-down my favorite adult fiction book, and possibly many of my friends’.  Can’t justify spending time on something as frivolous as fiction? Studies show that reading fiction over non-fiction actually has more benefits to both body and mind. My guess is, it will also do something to your soul. Prepare to be moved by the depth of love Jesus calls us to. You need this, momma. Every woman does.


In addition to her soul-calming book, One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp writes the beautiful blog, A Holy Experience. If you sign up for emails, you get access to artistic printable quotes and some of the best Advent and Lenten resources I’ve seen.  One Thousand Gifts will bring fresh air and freedom to your heart, gifting you with the ability to ‘reset’ on command.  To read how this powerful change can come from the simplicity of habitual deepening gratitude, will leave you awestruck. This is an essential book for those of us desiring to slow the fast-paced life, and live fully right where we are. 

In the future, I will be offering an online book club with each of these. So pick out your coziest pj’s, your favorite warm drink, and the best spot in the house after the kids are in bed.  If you’d like an invitation when the book clubs begin, or want more recommendations, fill out the form below.  I’ll make sure you’re not left out!