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After a period of gestation, Pioneering the Legacy has been birthed! I’m excited for this new life in all its infancy to bless us each where we are, momma. Especially through those times in which schedules overwhelm, minds overcrowd, and voices of negativity are stripping you of your strength.

For those of us longing to cultivate a Christian home, even when we don’t have a clear vision of what that looks like, PtL is here. We invite you to find this isn’t a place of expectations or lists of to-do’s, but rather a place of rest and rejuvenation. Something I’ve learned recently? Blank canvases are good, especially when the vision isn’t clear.

The essential is to know how to see...but this...this calls for great study, learning how to unlearn...and to scrape off the paint they used to cover my senses.

And when times are changin’ crazy fast and the world has all these mixed up ideas of who Jesus is, a weight is lifted when someone is with you, helping to filter out the mess. Don’t worry, momma. I would be honored to be one of those people, but you must check and challenge me. Always test your sources. Because the last thing you want to do is buy into some version watered-down, gussied-up, or twisted around. Only the best for your family, momma. Fresh-squeezed biblical Truth.

Throughout 2017 you will find PtL to provide a focused opportunity for discovery of both self and God, because momma, your family needs you at your best, and your best is at rest in Him. You will find resources for introducing this God-life to your children, because one hour of Sunday school isn’t good enough for those who hold your whole heart. Nourish them well, momma. And it won’t even take from your energy stores. Promise. It may even revive you. Truth be told, we might all welcome a little revival.

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Download the above printable here: untamed frontier

A blank canvas and rainbow of paints are just waiting for us, momma. With God’s clear vision for your family coming into focus, you will paint that blank canvas confidently with wild brush strokes. Will you join me in this adventure of Pioneering the Legacy?

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