We’ve all seen the articles. We’ve all heard the arguments. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian.


But while multitudes will dismiss the need for church altogether, I am screaming “DON’T!”


Because when we get right down to it, the Church isn’t a building. It’s you and I. It’s your tribe. Your Christian tribe. Beyond any counterfeit “church”, the true Church is a lifeline.

You’ve no doubt heard of (and hopefully experienced) the power unleashed when you surround yourself with the right people. And a good connection can help you blossom, taking you to heights and depths unforeseen. You can’t do it alone, momma. You weren’t created to.

You need girlfriends who are your rock and will hold you accountable to the Christian standard of living. You need a mentor you look up to- one who can not only advise you biblically but teach you. You need a pastor who keeps the bar high but is balanced with mercy. And each one of these people do all they do under the wider umbrella of Love.

You need these relationships.

Because when the goal is to be more like Jesus, it’s all about the journey- one that never ends, because it can never be fully reached. So take heart, momma. Your daily grind matters: each scraped knee, washed dish, and grocery trip. We have an end goal we’ll never hit, but an invitation to an adventure in which each moment of the process matters- moments contributing to the end product: you. And they have a ripple effect touching those closest to you first.

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Who really is your church, momma? Who is your tribe? Does it need to evolve? Does it need to strengthen? Your church is not a quick find or an easy thing to establish, but the benefits are sunshine to your soul.

As summer is just opening its doors to fresh air and new possibilities, take some quiet time to prayerfully reflect upon those questions.

I mean it. Put it in your planner. We were never meant to do this Christian thing alone.


And if praying has gone dull, check out the link below.

Mandy Smith, author of The Vulnerable Pastor, is an absolute delight. She gently walks us through a fresh and contemplative way to pray, expecting God to speak. You can skip right to her list of the three steps involved, or you can enjoy her story of discovery through lamenting prayers for the wounded Church. We can use the same technique for centering and inviting guidance- in this case, finding our Church.

Hint: You’ll need some paper, something colored to mark with, and a mind and hand willing to dreamily doodle.

As an artsy type, with not many words at times, I love this.


(link below)


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