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Independence Day for the Citizens of Heaven

As a child I’d lay on the carpet, ear to the speaker’s woofer, and feel the bass through my whole body. It was exhilarating to experience this new thing- this thing sound is capable of.

And I imagine what God’s voice is capable of.

I still love that feeling. I’m a 40-something with a ten in the trunk, a significant downgrade from what I had earlier in my life. And on the 4th of July, my favorite spot is as close as I can get to the fireworks. I want fallen ash on my legs by the time I leave. I want to feel that thunder in my core.


Since becoming a mom, there are new things in my core. Added things. Beautiful things. They’re in yours, too, momma. I’ll pass on the small talk any day. Tell me what’s in your core. Tell me the unseen things you imagine. Tell me your hardest prayers. Tell me your hopes and dreams.

One of mine? I crave to make the holidays more meaningful for my family. To find God in each one. To help give my daughter roots and wings, grounding her in rich soil, lifting her to take flight. And on Independence Day, here’s my sparkler in the dark…


…Momma, as a Christian you are a citizen of heaven right now. Your eternal life has already begun.

Are you feeling the freedom now?

Don’t you ever bow down to what you know isn’t right. You weren’t made for it. Stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. Get your hands dirty where everyone else is afraid. Live slow and well and breathe deep. The battle has already been won.

Live freely remembering that.


Two Invisibles Impacting Us Daily

The World Health Organization classifies cell phone radiation as a “Class 2b. Known Carcinogen” in the same category of Lead, Asbestos, and Engine Exhaust.

If you can’t keep your phone three feet away from you most of the time, get a shield.

Or brain cancer.

One or the other.

cel phone

There are other invisibles at play, too: prayer, for example.

My unborn baby girl would do her strongest turns and kicks during my deepest, strongest moments of prayer. Was there something physiological that prompted this? Perhaps. She is two now and there are moments in which she loves to pray with me. She puts her hands together, waiting for me to wrap mine around them. I close my eyes, she bows her head, and I speak.

Praying at a toddler’s level is a drastically different thing than praying in an adult deacon group. The words are simple. The asking is pure. The thanking is true. And I’m reminded that intellectual capacity and big words mean nothing to God.

Prayer is still a mystery to me. Once in a blue moon, the otherwise impossible thing you asked for materializes. Some of the people closest to me have even seen spontaneous healings. Casting aside the frauds, should this shock any Christian? Weren’t healings the most common miracles we read of in the big book?

Other times a different although just as glorious answer comes- not the thing you asked for, but feelings and words from outside of you permeating deep into your chest. Communication you can’t reason away as some weird physiological phenomenon. The unexplainable you know is God speaking.

barn flowers

But most times, it’s just quality time with our Maker. Speaking beauty, welcoming a sentimental response, and seeking to deeply know the Other. Isn’t it the same with anyone you love?

Do yourself a soul-healing favor, momma. Snatch up pockets of quiet time when they present themselves. Let fresh air in them steal the attention from your devices. Let yourself dream. Let your Maker come close. Let your rejuvenation and renewal begin again daily.

wheat 2

A breeze is stirring, and the baby is napping. I can almost smell the wind through the closed window.

An opportunity has arisen to seize the moment.

And tonight when I close my eyes, I’ll pocket some more, envisioning my future self- the one who’s traveled years of paths alongside her Maker though all of life’s triumphs and tragedies. I’ll soak in every detail I can feel of her. And I’ll pray that she comes true.

How does yours feel, momma?

How do you want her to?

Happy dreaming.

tree reflection stars

Building this Christian Life: The Most Overlooked Necessity


We’ve all seen the articles. We’ve all heard the arguments. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian.


But while multitudes will dismiss the need for church altogether, I am screaming “DON’T!”


Because when we get right down to it, the Church isn’t a building. It’s you and I. It’s your tribe. Your Christian tribe. Beyond any counterfeit “church”, the true Church is a lifeline.

You’ve no doubt heard of (and hopefully experienced) the power unleashed when you surround yourself with the right people. And a good connection can help you blossom, taking you to heights and depths unforeseen. You can’t do it alone, momma. You weren’t created to.

You need girlfriends who are your rock and will hold you accountable to the Christian standard of living. You need a mentor you look up to- one who can not only advise you biblically but teach you. You need a pastor who keeps the bar high but is balanced with mercy. And each one of these people do all they do under the wider umbrella of Love.

You need these relationships.

Because when the goal is to be more like Jesus, it’s all about the journey- one that never ends, because it can never be fully reached. So take heart, momma. Your daily grind matters: each scraped knee, washed dish, and grocery trip. We have an end goal we’ll never hit, but an invitation to an adventure in which each moment of the process matters- moments contributing to the end product: you. And they have a ripple effect touching those closest to you first.

Espresso Shot (1)

Who really is your church, momma? Who is your tribe? Does it need to evolve? Does it need to strengthen? Your church is not a quick find or an easy thing to establish, but the benefits are sunshine to your soul.

As summer is just opening its doors to fresh air and new possibilities, take some quiet time to prayerfully reflect upon those questions.

I mean it. Put it in your planner. We were never meant to do this Christian thing alone.


And if praying has gone dull, check out the link below.

Mandy Smith, author of The Vulnerable Pastor, is an absolute delight. She gently walks us through a fresh and contemplative way to pray, expecting God to speak. You can skip right to her list of the three steps involved, or you can enjoy her story of discovery through lamenting prayers for the wounded Church. We can use the same technique for centering and inviting guidance- in this case, finding our Church.

Hint: You’ll need some paper, something colored to mark with, and a mind and hand willing to dreamily doodle.

As an artsy type, with not many words at times, I love this.


(link below)


photo from facebook.com/ecclesiadances/

How to Celebrate the Church’s Birthday through Art

Summer: A Perfect Time to Refresh, Reassess, and Restart



They don’t always sync.


I have this pull drawing me like a magnet. It’s leading me to write children’s books. Christian ones. So I’m going to back to school. What else am I doing while my daughter sleeps? Among other things, I’m building a tribe here- moms who are new at this Christian thing. The problem is, while God is not bound to time, I am. It’s a finite commodity, and my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so to speak.

So momma, if you were here for the birth of this baby site and waiting for more, let me offer my most sincere apologies.
The good news? School’s out, my time isn’t up yet, and I’m here to offer what I can to help us moms who just want to do this Christian thing well- for us, for our kids, for our husbands, for our homes. For our legacies.

Momma, I want to hear from you, as I’m recharging and getting fresh blogs ready behind the scenes. What are your biggest struggles? Your biggest fears? What are the things you most want for your children? Your husband? Your legacy? And maybe most importantly, what are your hardest prayers?

Because honestly? Life presses in. And the big secret is this: it actually is easier than it looks. A.W. Tozer said it best: When God is exalted to the right place in our lives, a thousand problems are solved all at once.

So I’ll take my own advice and breathe deep. In a fast-paced world it’s easy to forget that slow-and-steady wins the race. Join a tribe of women finding their way- the best way- for themselves and their families. And prepare for weight to melt off your shoulders as you slow to step into the life God is calling you to.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you, momma. And looking forward to sharing in the triumphs and tragedies that will no doubt mark our years.

Stay tuned. Subscribe.

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New Year, Blank Canvas

blank canvas

After a period of gestation, Pioneering the Legacy has been birthed! I’m excited for this new life in all its infancy to bless us each where we are, momma. Especially through those times in which schedules overwhelm, minds overcrowd, and voices of negativity are stripping you of your strength.

For those of us longing to cultivate a Christian home, even when we don’t have a clear vision of what that looks like, PtL is here. We invite you to find this isn’t a place of expectations or lists of to-do’s, but rather a place of rest and rejuvenation. Something I’ve learned recently? Blank canvases are good, especially when the vision isn’t clear.

The essential is to know how to see...but this...this calls for great study, learning how to unlearn...and to scrape off the paint they used to cover my senses.

And when times are changin’ crazy fast and the world has all these mixed up ideas of who Jesus is, a weight is lifted when someone is with you, helping to filter out the mess. Don’t worry, momma. I would be honored to be one of those people, but you must check and challenge me. Always test your sources. Because the last thing you want to do is buy into some version watered-down, gussied-up, or twisted around. Only the best for your family, momma. Fresh-squeezed biblical Truth.

Throughout 2017 you will find PtL to provide a focused opportunity for discovery of both self and God, because momma, your family needs you at your best, and your best is at rest in Him. You will find resources for introducing this God-life to your children, because one hour of Sunday school isn’t good enough for those who hold your whole heart. Nourish them well, momma. And it won’t even take from your energy stores. Promise. It may even revive you. Truth be told, we might all welcome a little revival.

Espresso Shot (1)

Download the above printable here: untamed frontier

A blank canvas and rainbow of paints are just waiting for us, momma. With God’s clear vision for your family coming into focus, you will paint that blank canvas confidently with wild brush strokes. Will you join me in this adventure of Pioneering the Legacy?

paint brushes

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Once upon a time, the world, it was mine;
nothing but sunshine and daisies.

Now I am grown, with mistakes that I own;
thank God for the grace that saves me.

2017 Kindra Silk