Just a girl who said yes to God’s will- now a pregnant teen with a heartbroken fiancé. The penalty if this secret gets out? Death.

He won’t tell, but he won’t stay, either. She couldn’t be more alone.

Her only hope? A promise from an angel.

Her only doubt? Her own sanity- until Joseph gets an angel, too.

Her next three months? A life-giving stay with Great Aunt Liz whose own baby is developing blood cells, taste buds, and eyelashes.

And soon to follow? Surviving on the run- first with her baby in her stomach, and later in her arms.

Screams infect each crevice of the stone wall she hides behind as she tries to quiet her baby, heart pounding.

Her eyes plead to mine as the soldiers close in, and in 2017 it’s still not over.

Something Divine lies dormant within your baby, too- within humanity. There is always Goodness to protect and nurture.

It is never finished.

We’re doing Divine work, momma. We’re saving the world, too. And it is good.