As a child I’d lay on the carpet, ear to the speaker’s woofer, and feel the bass through my whole body. It was exhilarating to experience this new thing- this thing sound is capable of.

And I imagine what God’s voice is capable of.

I still love that feeling. I’m a 40-something with a ten in the trunk, a significant downgrade from what I had earlier in my life. And on the 4th of July, my favorite spot is as close as I can get to the fireworks. I want fallen ash on my legs by the time I leave. I want to feel that thunder in my core.


Since becoming a mom, there are new things in my core. Added things. Beautiful things. They’re in yours, too, momma. I’ll pass on the small talk any day. Tell me what’s in your core. Tell me the unseen things you imagine. Tell me your hardest prayers. Tell me your hopes and dreams.

One of mine? I crave to make the holidays more meaningful for my family. To find God in each one. To help give my daughter roots and wings, grounding her in rich soil, lifting her to take flight. And on Independence Day, here’s my sparkler in the dark…


…Momma, as a Christian you are a citizen of heaven right now. Your eternal life has already begun.

Are you feeling the freedom now?

Don’t you ever bow down to what you know isn’t right. You weren’t made for it. Stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. Get your hands dirty where everyone else is afraid. Live slow and well and breathe deep. The battle has already been won.

Live freely remembering that.